The mRB: prototype for a super-toy

The collaboration between Yael Kanarek and bnode (Judith Gieseler and Innes Yates) elaborates on the World of Awe Traveler's Tale to investigate the diffusion of techno-scientific knowledge into popular culture through a fictional supertoy—the mRB.

The mRB is developed as the prototype of the moodRingBaby described in the Traveler's Journal. According to the journal, the moodRingBaby—a mass-produced object purchased at Duane-Reade for $1.99, was used by the traveler to soothe the effects of loneliness. Resembling an advanced Tamagotchi, the device was capable of holding conversations and telling stories.

Taking a hypothetical, reverse-engineering approach, Kanarek and bnode began speculating on the origins of the fictional moodRingBaby. This process has resulted in the mRB. The project utilizes a 3D web interface which allows the user to browse various fragments of the mRB that provide clues as to its origin, recorded experiences, and character.

View installation photos from the Beta Launch exhibtion at Eyebeam in New York City.

mRB viewing requirements:

cult 3d plugin: if plugin does not download automatically when 'launch mRB' is clicked, you can get it here

flash 5 plugin: if you see the two images to the left, you have this plugin installed. otherwise download it here

internet explorer or netscape browser, version 4 +

mRB functions best with a broadband connection
and fast processor.